Q1 Huddle: More Inspiring Insights from the 2018 Dream Team

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Q1 Huddle: More Inspiration from the 2018 Dream Team

We’re building our new Dream Team—now accepting nominations for our fourth-annual recognition initiative focused on b-to-b event marketers

Leading b-to-b marketers know that a successful event is as much about the people behind it as it is the experiences within it. As we begin the process of building the 2019 Dream Team, we looked back at insights collected from our 2018 Dream Team members on hiring and inspiring team members. There’s still time to nominate a colleague or yourself for this year’s Dream Team of b-to-b marketers.

Here’s what members of the 2018 roster had to say about people.

“We want someone who isn’t afraid to ask a lot of questions, doesn’t necessarily take things for face value, seeks to understand other perspectives. So, someone who is not afraid to do a lot of empathy interviewing, and definitely somebody who’s a great storyteller.”

Laine Mann, director-global congress lead at Pfizer


“My team hears me say this all the time, ‘pursue perfection,’ because even if you fall short, you will end up being pretty damned good.”

—Trevor Laurence, assistant vp-marketing AT&T


“One of the things that I pride myself on is having a team with very diverse skillsets and people who’ve come from various backgrounds within the industry. The more diversity you can bring to a team, the better the outcome. It enhances how we show up, how we interact with one another and, ultimately, helps us to elevate what we do, time and time again.”

Julie Hogan, director global face-to-face marketing at Facebook


“We really think of ourselves as the champion of Spotify’s brand message, building buzz, awareness and consideration for Spotify as a platform to our advertising industry professionals.”

Jessica Park, global director-business marketing at Spotify


Photo credit: iStock/TCmake_photo

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