Five Inspiring Insights from the 2017 B-to-B Dream Team

Q1 Huddle: Inspiring Insights from the 2018 Dream Team

New Year, New View: Five Inspiring Insights from the 2017 Dream Team

We’re now accepting nominations for our third-annual recognition initiative focused on b-to-b event marketers


It’s a new year. Offices are roaring back to life. There are Q1 events in full swing, calendars to sync up, clients to pitch and team huddles underway. And, in the case of EM, there’s a B-to-B Dream Team to build—a roster of marketers who are succeeding in the competitive b-to-b events business.

For the third year in a row, we’re asking you to look at your b-to-b teams and identify that brand-side all-star who deserves a position on a “dream” brand team of the strongest and sharpest marketers in the industry. We’ll be selecting and featuring the 2018 B-to-B Dream Team, in conjunction with FreemanXP, in our March issue. We invite you to nominate someone today.

For inspiration, we gathered key soundbites and insights from the 2017 Dream Team to help get your year off to a solid and strategic start.


Write a story and stick to it.

“If you’re not engaging and getting them to participate in your story, things don’t move forward. Without a good story, they’re just going to come in, eat your food and drink your drinks, and they’re never going to think of you again. But if you can get them to participate in that story with a strong call to action, they’ll never forget.”

Helen Stoddard, Head of Global Events, Twitter

Face the competition head on.

“We welcome our competitors to come on stage and share time with us. If this is to be a true thought leadership conference, you can’t filter out people you’re afraid of. You have to create a true ecosystem for people to shop around and have dialogues with everyone who participates.”

Devin Cleary, Director, Corporate Events, PTC


Be more efficient with platforms.

“Housing all events under one function, which is something I’ve worked on since I’ve been here, allows us to be more seamless between b-to-b and b-to-c, and so the storytelling and content is easier to share between both audiences.”

Kelly Walton, Senior Director-Global Events and Athlete Tours, Under Armour


Get out into the world.

“You’re never going to think of new ideas if you’re not experiencing and staying abreast of the trends in the world. We want them to get outside and see different cultures to inspire them and their design ability.”

Victoria Lieffring, Associate Creative Director-Visual Display, Kohler


Put your human hat on.

“Understanding your audience helps drive an event strategy. Understanding your team, as human beings, helps bring that strategy to life.”

Michael Trovalli, VP-Experiential Marketing, Sage

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