What You Can Expect to See on Event Food Menus in 2018

What You Can Expect to See on Event Food Menus in 2018

What You Can Expect to See on Event Food Menus in 2018

Artisan cheese, house-made charcuterie and protein-rich grains and seeds are out, local veggies and meats, ethnic dishes and fast-casual concepts with a twist are in, according to the National Restaurant Association’s annual “What’s Hot” survey of 700 professional chefs for menu trends in 2018. Trends expected to heat up in the new year: “Doughnuts with non-traditional filling, ethnic-inspired kids’ dishes, farm-estate branded items, and heritage-breed meats,” according to the report.

Among the top 20 food trends outlined in the report:

  • New cuts of meat (oyster steak, Merlot cut)
  • Thai-rolled ice cream
  • House-made condiments
  • Ethnic-inspired breakfast items, like coconut pancakes (and kids’ dishes)
  • Uncommon herbs (Chervil, lemon balm)

Among the top 10 food concepts trends:

  • Hyper-local (Restaurant gardens, on-site beer brewing)
  • Chef-driven fast casual concepts (Think: artisan burgers)
  • Food waste reduction
  • Local sourcing
  • Fresh vegetables as “the star” of a dish

Among trends in beverages:

  • House-made artisan soft drinks
  • Cold-brew coffee
  • Gourmet lemonade
  • On-site barrel aged alcoholic drinks
  • Culinary cocktails

Check out the full report here.

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