EMS 2017: Adobe’s Five Pillars of Experiential Marketing – Event Marketer

EMS 2017: Adobe’s Five Pillars of Experiential Marketing – Event Marketer
EMS 2017: Adobe’s Five Pillars of Experiential Marketing

EMS 2017: Adobe’s Five Pillars of Experiential Marketing

Ever wonder how a company that is all about digital brings that to life through event marketing? At Adobe, the strategy revolves around five pillars—design, community, engagement, data and culture—concepts that Alex Amado, vp-experience marketing at Adobe, discussed as keynote speaker at the 2017 Experiential Marketing Summit, which took place May 3-5 in Chicago.

“We are at the intersection of content and data, and the heart of these two allows us to drive experiences for our customers,” he told the group. “Experiential marketing is critical to everything we do at Adobe.”

Experiential marketing at Adobe encompasses events, design studios, advertising and marketing and its website, adobe.com. “Experiences bring all those things together for us,” Amado said.

Here’s a look at the five pillars of those experiences Amado outlined in his keynote address.


1. Start With Design

Design is at the heart of every experience at Adobe, and should be regardless of your business or discipline. “An experience has to be easy to understand and visually compelling, or you’re nowhere,” Amado says.


2. Embrace Community

Bring your community into every marketing endeavor. Adobe has invited designers to recreate its Adobe MAX brand and has worked with artists to create splash screens that go into its products. “Every brand has rock stars with amazing stories. Pull these people into your brand to bring your story forward and make it more powerful,” Amado says.


3. Ramp up Engagement

“Engagement in marketing is the most critical thing. It’s how we live and die,” Amado says. At Adobe, that means making social channels such as its Creative Cloud and YouTube platform as engaging as physical events. “We built out a better destination, made content more compelling, brought the community into the story,” he says. The platforms feature 20-minute talk show-style interviews with the community and training content that is user-friendly. As a result, positive engagement has increased by five times and the sites have received more likes and shares than ever before.


4. Dig Into the Data

Amado says great experiences thrive on data, and you can’t have one without the other. “We’re at the intersection of content and data. We love great design, and don’t see those things in conflict at all,” he says. “Our data is the voice of our customer coming through in everything we do. It’s how we listen to our customers.” Testing is key to learning what customers want and to delivering experiences that are relevant to them, he adds.


5. Know Your Culture

“Great experiences are built by people who care,” Amado says. And that begins with a customer-centric culture. “We make sure our employees can experience what it’s like to be a customer so we can streamline experiences. We are customer-first.”


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