Ben & Jerry’s Makes Dreams of Diving into a Pint of Ice Cream Come True – Event Marketer

Ben & Jerry’s Makes Dreams of Diving into a Pint of Ice Cream Come True – Event Marketer
Stunts: Ben & Jerry's Creates a Human 'Claw' Arcade Game to Sample a New Product

Ben & Jerry’s Makes Dreams of Diving into a Pint of Ice Cream Come True

Not one to shy away from a creative stunt, Ben & Jerry’s for the launch of its low-calorie Moo-phoria ice cream created a human “claw” arcade game. The Feb. 7 activation at Winter Garden at Brookfield Place in Manhattan, involved a five-foot-high inflatable pint of ice cream, climbing apparatus and a pit filled with pillows that looked like chunks of ice cream—along with a host of prizes tucked underneath.

Consumers were harnessed and lifted into the air by the next person in line who used a joystick control to “drop them” down into the pit to grab a prize ranging from empty pints stuffed with Ben & Jerry’s coupons to stuffed animal cows, “Vermonsters,” Frisbees, mugs, pins and Koozies. It was all captured via an 18-second Instagram Boomerang for consumers to share with #moophoria. Sweetening the deal? Free samples of the three flavors (Chocolate Milk & Cookies, Caramel Cookie Fix and P.B. Dough) afterwards, for participants and onlookers. On top of the diving activity, there were regular-sized classic arcade claw games stuffed with Ben & Jerry’s prizes, and a photo op with two cow characters.

“I have a running list of these weird ideas I’ve always wanted to activate, and we opened up ideas for this to different folks in the marketing department,” says Justin Gural, marketing manager at Ben & Jerry’s. “We narrowed them down with the winner being this giant claw machine, because it emulates that guilt-free feeling and fun of diving into a pint.” Delicious. Agency: LeadDog Marketing Group, New York City.


Check out the Moo-phoria Pint Diver in Action:


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