More Inspiring Insights from the 2017 Dream Team

New Year, New View: More Inspiring Insights from the 2017 Dream Team – Event Marketer
New Year, New View: More Inspiring Insights from the 2017 Dream Team

New Year, New View: More Inspiring Insights from the 2017 Dream Team

We’re now accepting nominations for our third-annual recognition initiative focused on b-to-b event marketers


What are some of the things a good event marketer prioritizes in their programs? Aside from being motivators and team leaders, B-to-B Dream Team members have an eye for that special ingredient that makes their events stand out, and that ring true to their individual brand’s goals and personality. Last week we brought you insights from our 2017 team to kick off the new year. This week, five more insights on how top marketers speak the language of their audiences in events. We’re accepting nominations for the 2018 B-to-B Dream Team now: Nominate a brand-side marketer today.


Giving Customers Access.

“We often talk today about what’s internal is external and these events are a good example. We know our most passionate end-customers are interested in what’s going on in real time,” says Sean Zielinski, communications director at Harley-Davidson. “We’re figuring out the right level of access, through what means, who gets it and how to measure the impact. It’s exciting.”


Infusing B-to-C Into B-to-B.

As b-to-b events “assume the traits” of consumer events, Jane Culcheth-Beard, head of tier 1 events at HP Inc., says she draws on her experience in theater production and stage management, and finds inspiration in the theater and exhibition world living near London.


Creating That ‘Wow’ Factor.

At the NewFronts, AOL (Now under parent company Oath), took its portfolio of brands to the streets of New York City’s South Street Seaport in a “choose your own adventure” tactic that introduced media buyers to its digital offering. “I think clients externally expect that ‘wow.’ They want an experience,” says Charlie Eder, former Director-Global Events and Client Experiences, AOL—now director-global events at Oath.


Adding a Creative Signature.

“It could be anything from a small 10-by-10 trade show exhibit to an executive dinner, to a community pavilion, to a party for 11,000 people. If you add your unique style to it, people will start to know and appreciate that,” says Jennifer Heaton, senior-manager, trade shows and events at Adobe.


Being Engaging. No, Really.

Ford aims to have the most customer engaging stands at all shows, including AR, driving simulators, robots, activation tables and kids activities, on top of all the greatest new products from Ford. “We try to engage the consumer as much as we can, and make them feel like Ford is the brand that they should be associated with,” says Garett Carr, global auto show and events manager at Ford.

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