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Intel’s AI Art Gallery in Toronto is a Consumer Testing Ground for Perceptions

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The exhibit features nine artists working on new pieces that draw from their previous work, but will now be AI-powered and interactive.

Investing in cutting-edge tech can be daunting, and the traditional store setting often involves cut-and-dried conversations. As part of a year-long campaign surrounding the launch of the Intel Core Ultra mobile processors for first-gen AI PCs, Intel is inviting emerging new media artists to showcase the product’s power in a living art gallery where each piece continuously evolves “thanks to the contributions of every attendee.”

Open June 21-27 at Illuminarium in Toronto, the Intel Encore AI Exhibit is a free experience that will feature audio, visual and sculptural installations, as well as meet-the-artist events each night and hands-on demos. The nine artists participating in the exhibit are working on new pieces that draw from their previous work, but now will be AI-powered and interact with audiences.

“There is a lot of conversation around AI, and it’s not new. Earlier, people thought that they would use it to write an email, or use it to take notes in a meeting, but it is enabling so much more for you,” says Asma Aziz, marketing director-Canada at Intel. “This exhibit is designed to help you to see AI PCs in action, in motion, to become appreciative of it and to start thinking about how this could apply to you. It’s not just about ‘speeds and feeds.’”

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The event takes place in the city’s hip distillery district, and consumers (children welcome) can reserve a half-hour spot for the experience. Upon arrival, they’ll enter a briefing room that sets the stage for the inspiration behind the gallery. The main space, which is about 6,000 square feet with 20-foot-high ceilings, features projection mapping on the walls and floors, as well as surround-sound. Among showcases is an installation that constantly creates new music on repeat that consumers can manipulate to produce a soundtrack for the gallery, as well as a sentiment tracking activation that generates imagery through face and body language.

At the end of the experience, consumers will be able to explore OEM devices powered by Intel Core Ultra and their interfaces, themselves, and create their own works of art, which will be displayed on the walls alongside the artists’ work. They’ll also be connected with a retailer near them if they’d like to purchase a device for home and explore their own creative possibilities. Agency: Mosaic.

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