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Nine Must-Read Stories: Industry Experts Talk Event Measurement and ROI

light bulb with gears in it. concept of process. 3d illustration isolated on whiteMost event marketers know how difficult it can be to get budget dollars when their peers in other marketing disciplines have better data. Ratings, streams, clicks, opens and impressions can seem like daunting metrics to compete with. But there are countless ways to measure the impact of events and collect compelling data that proves how live experiences ladder up to real business goals.

Event Marketer is proud to be working with the Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition (EMMC) in 2024 to help deliver critical measurement tools, research and resources to the event marketing community. Watch for opportunities throughout the year to tune into live expert panels and ask questions, download fresh data and engage in training designed to level up your event measurement practice.

Until then, we have curated a series of recent articles featuring industry experts weighing in on their event measurement and ROI philosophies, forecasts and approaches—and the impact they are making in their organizations. Sharpen your pencils, friends. Things are about to get… measured.

• Spend a few minutes with trade show marketer Sabrina Gonzales of Shutterstock, who relies on lead scanning and sales alignment to get results.


• Read about a Fox event strategy focused on media impressions that ultimately impacted multiple verticals.


• See how AfroTech drives and tracks engagement for its portfolio of career-focused live events.


• Learn more about how Figma’s Config user conference grew 750 percent in five years. (Hint: it’s all about community-driven event data.)


• AI—ever heard of it? Read on for some expert context on how artificial intelligence is helping event marketers measure events.


• Take a deep dive into the minds of our 2023 B-to-B Dream Team for their perspectives on ROI and measurement.


• See the results of a late 2023 industry poll on event measurement and track how your organization compares to industry sentiment.


Emotional ROI is a metric, too. Read six tips for building experiences that deliver it.


• Hear from four top brands on what it really means to “add value” to events. Don’t miss the insights at the end of the story!

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