Altos Tequila Event Series Celebrates the Spirit of La Familia

All in the Details: Altos Bodego Offers Tequila-Inspired Cocktails, Back-of-House-Party

Anatomy of a Bodega: Altos Tequila Events Celebrate the Spirit of La Familia

As part of a six-city event series, Altos Tequila’s J. Hernandez and Sons Bodega pop-up made a stop in Greenpoint, N.Y., June 11 and 12. To celebrate the brand’s Mexican heritage and culture, it recreated a bodega from scratch, complete with all the details you’d expect: old-school coffee pots, slushies and even a cat. The experience is named for Altos’ master distiller Jesus Hernandez and his son, Jesus Hernandez, Jr., also Altos’ global brand ambassador, while the company itself is a collaboration between the Hernandez’s and bartenders Henry Besant and Dre Masso.

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“The bodega is a critical part of America’s rich, entrepreneurial history and spirit. Often owned and operated by immigrant families or their descendants, these stores play an important role in urban neighborhoods and culture,” says Andrew Brimer, senior brand manager at Altos. “We understand the hard-work, passion and determination it takes to run the local stores. It’s a family affair, from the back of the store, to the front of the house, it takes the family working together to make each store feel like home.”

Here’s how Altos Tequila conveyed the spirit of la familia to attendees. Agency: IMG LIVE, New York City.

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