Three Virtual Collaboration Platforms to Use in the Era of Social Distancing – Event Marketer

Three Virtual Collaboration Platforms to Use in the Era of Social Distancing – Event Marketer

Three Virtual Collaboration Platforms to Use in the Era of Social Distancing

Collaboration is engrained in the event marketing discipline, and in the absence of events, some marketers are feeling disconnected from their teams, their clients, their customers and the industry as a whole. But here’s the good news: a number of virtual collaboration platforms that allow for idea-swapping and networking are available to keep event professionals connected and motivated. Here’s a look at three platforms worth exploring.

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What began as a social media campaign evolved into #ExperienceGood, a digital platform that allows event agencies and brands to work together to share and develop new solutions for the industry in the era of social distancing. Launched on March 26 by CSM and The Vendry, the free, open-source platform focuses on how brands are pivoting to digital, new ideas for client and consumer engagement, case studies and ways that marketers are advancing sustainability, diversity and social good. To date, #ExperienceGood has teamed up with 21 industry organizations.


Virtual Braindates

e180’s Braindate is a platform that enables one-on-one meetups for conference attendees based on their shared interests. In the era of social distancing, the company has rolled out a Virtual Braindate platform to help event professionals increase audience engagement and facilitate networking over topic-driven conversations—all virtually. The core Braindate platform functionalities remain the same, from topic-posting to sending braindate invitations. What’s different is that the virtual platform is designed for any event organizer searching for a way to host their clients and customers, and enable them to meet, connect and learn from one another, virtually. A few of the platform’s features: virtual learning coaches that help participants make the most out of their experience, like helping them set a learning intention for the braindate; a designated Virtual Braindate Lounge where, by either call or video, braindates take place; and schedule flexibility that gives participants total control over the dates and times of their virtual meet-ups.


Glue Platform

Designed for efficient collaboration among teams of business professionals, Glue is a platform that leverages advances in immersive 3D graphics, VR and cloud computing to connect people virtually and serve as an extension of the work place. The platform creates a 3D avatar for each user, which reflects the individual’s movements and non-verbal forms of communication, as well as spatial audio, which provides a natural understanding of where other avatars/participants are located around a user. Additional features include virtual Post-it notes, whiteboards and freehand 3D drawings, enabling participants to easily share ideas and co-create in-session. The platform is customizable, scalable and offers teams dedicated virtual spaces in which to hold their meetings. Intrigued? Check out the video below for more insight.

Featured photo courtesy: Glue Collaboration

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