Field Report: Six Showstopping A/V Exhibit Displays from InfoComm 2024

Powerful, bright, sometimes surprising, sometimes awe-inspiring, and very smart. The newest audiovisual solutions dazzled at InfoComm 2024, the trade show for the pro a/v industry that brought almost 37,000 attendees to the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 12-14. 

From kinetic LED walls to intricate projection mapping, there was plenty of design inspiration and wish-list-building on the showfloor. But we have to give a nod to AVA AI, the new InfoComm app powered by Open AI and developed completely in-house by the IT team at AVIXA. Unlike most show apps with a chatbot, it understands natural language and is actually helpful, which came handy in navigating the show and avoiding most of the construction at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Now on to the splashy—and understated by design—concepts that could add another dimension to exhibit experiences. 

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Samsung’s “The Wall” awed the attendees who live and breathe a/v, and for a good reason. Powered by the brand’s MicroLED technology, the massive front wall of the otherwise monochrome and down-to-business exhibit was the marvel of architecture one moment and a psychedelic tunnel the next. When the storm waves came crashing down, it felt like you’re about to get hit by ocean spray. Conversations in the aisle stopped and people looked up. 

Samsung at Infocomm Las Vegas 2024

Samsung (Anna Huddleston/Event Marketer)



The theatrical ingenuity of Cirque du Soleil and powerful new projector technology from Epson came together in several showstopping performances at the Epson booth. The two companies have recently announced their partnership to deliver true immersion into creative visuals, and chose InfoComm to show it in action, much to the delight of the show’s attendees. In a space full of visual overload, creating an experience around live performances by Cirque artists made all the difference. 

Epson at Infocomm 2024 Las Vegas

Epson (Anna Huddleston/Event Marketer)

Also in Epson’s booth, it was hard to ignore the exhibit with a projection mapping installation at the Carmel Palladium developed by Blockhouse Studios, which demonstrated advances in technology and the growing demand for unique and splashy brand activations. Next on EM’s bucket list? Epson’s immersive room in Japan.

Epson Info 2024 Las Vegas

Epson (Anna Huddleston/Event Marketer)


LG Business Solutions

A towering LED screen only goes so far, but what if it’s composed of pieces physically moving in sync with the music and vivid imagery? LG Business Solutions wowed the audience with a piece labeled “New Digital Media Art,” a 20-foot by 12-foot wide kinetic screen taking the LED experience to the next level. Granted, it’s designed for airports and malls, but what if a brand could make this Times Square-sized statement any place it chose?

LG at Infocomm Las Vegas 2024

LG (Anna Huddleston/Event Marketer)


Fujifilm and Igloo

Fujifilm and Igloo, an immersive experience company, invited InfoComm attendees to step into a mini rave or the Vegas Strip, all in an immersive modular room by Falkbuilt, and have a shared experience. All tech was integrated into the structure, so other than furniture, it was all content, everywhere. Powered by the Igloo Core Engine (ICE), the 360 projection is surprisingly realistic and created from VR headset content as well as just about any type of content. While it was fun to get inside, it was equally fun to watch a meeting seemingly taking place at a big cats preserve from the outside in.  

Fujifilm at Info Las Vegas 2024

Fujifilm (Anna Huddleston/Event Marketer)



An intricate piece of art by Gabriel Schama got an entirely new artistic dimension and came to life thanks to Christie’s tech and projection mapping by Limelight Studios. Consisting of 13 layers of birch wood and titled the Cathedral of Thieves, the installation brought the attendees well inside the brand’s exhibit and mesmerized them with an inspired performance all while showcasing the brand’s products and the power of partnerships. 

Christie at Infocomm Las Vegas 2024

Christie (Anna Huddleston/Event Marketer)



Tennessee-based PixelFLEX created a luminescent tree and set it against a disco waterfall to showcase some of its top-selling products. The FLEXSphere grabbed attendees’ attention in the aisle before it shifted to the floating AR-like imagery on the Muxwave holographic invisible screen used as a wall. But here was another cool part—what most exhibitors use as their storage space, PixelFLEX transformed into a workshop, showcasing the brand’s tech expertise in a hands-on environment.

PixelFLEX at Infocomm Las Vegas 2024

PixelFLEX (Anna Huddleston/Event Marketer)


Bonus: Google x HP Project Starline

In the very back of the Central Hall, past all the visual drama and expansive exhibits, stood three portable meeting rooms with no windows, limited branding, and doors with code locks. To get in, you had to sign up way ahead and show up on time. There was no sneaking in, and no peeking. Inside, Google and HP were showcasing their new partnership—Project Starline—designed to create realistic video calls using AI and 3D imaging. Scheduled to roll out in 2025, it is supposed to be integrated into Google Meet and Zoom, and it does feel like the person on the other side of the screen is physically right in front of you. As far as showfloor presence, the suspense was real, and the joy of discovery that much more rewarding. 

Google at Infocomm Las Vegas 2024

Google (Anna Huddleston/Event Marketer)


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