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Exhibit Case Study: Inside Dematic’s Use of Immersive Media at MODEX 2024

For MODEX 2024, the premier supply chain trade show that took place in Atlanta in March, Dematic, a company that designs, builds and supports intelligent automated solutions, looked to find a showstopping way to present the company’s innovative solutions that help supply chain companies solve their business challenges.

On a show floor traditionally full of robots and heavy equipment, Dematic’s all-black, 35-foot by 70-foot booth became a digitally-driven experience with anamorphic 3D projections, extensive LED video walls and LED video bars, as well as cutting-edge virtual reality demos—and it all brought on surprising results.

“We knew that equipment was still part of the company’s offerings, so it had to be an element of the booth, but how do we show it in a dramatic and different way?” says Josh Halpern, account lead for Dematic at Hamilton, lead strategy and fabrication partner on the exhibit.

nab-simulator-2024-768x571__TeaserExhibit Trends to Watch:

The Show’s First Anamorphic Screen

Strategically positioned above the entrance, an anamorphic 3D projection created the illusion of equipment materializing into the space right above the booth. StudioH, Hamilton’s in-house creative experiential studio, rendered photorealistic 3D models of Dematic’s key revenue-driving products that drew crowds.

“Attendees got that surprise of seeing something on the show floor that the industry had never done before,” Halpern says. “They were videoing it and taking selfies with it, and you could see this major gathering outside the booth.”


Immersive LED Elements

Beneath the anamorphic screen, LED video bars displayed synchronized content and enabled attendees to see inside the space from the aisles, piquing their interest. Inside, the immersion deepened through floor-to-ceiling concave LED videowalls featuring looping atmospheric content and product videos, enveloping guests in a multimedia brand narrative. The closed floorplan ensured that there was no visual interference from the showfloor and that the brand had the attendees’ complete attention—fueling their dwell time.

Dematic Exhibit at Modex 2024

Attendees could then do a deeper dive into the brand’s software on touchscreens situated around the bar.


Hands-on Virtual Reality

One of the two screens was dedicated to VR demos where attendees could experience some of Dematic’s integrated solutions by navigating around 3D digital fulfillment and distribution centers. Using gaming controllers, they could pick up virtual boxes, see them routed through the automated systems, and get a first-hand understanding of the brand’s capabilities.

“We’ve found that people might be hesitant about putting on actual VR headsets,” says Josh Frisbie, vp-creative at Hamilton, “which is why we chose to go with wireless controllers. It also allowed for easy one-on-one and one-to-many demos.”


A Touchscreen Hospitality Center

A key area for comfortable conversations was the hospitality center where baristas were making espresso drinks with Dematic’s logo, among other offerings. With a caffeinated, or not, drink in hand, attendees could then do a deeper dive into the brand’s software on touchscreens situated around the bar. Sleek black finishes, dynamic LED content and minimal branding amplified the high-tech vibe.

“The striking, digitally-driven design of this year’s booth allowed us to effectively showcase our customer-centric vision and reveal the transformative impact of our innovative solutions,” says Scott Knight, director of marketing communications, Americas at Dematic. “This year, our goal was to make a bold statement, highlighting innovation not only in our solution offerings but also in our overall presentation.”

Beyond wowing visitors and hitting the KPIs, the exhibit sparked an internal “cultural shift” at Dematic, Knight adds, that reenergized the organization.

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