Roundup: Superfan Experiences for Movies and Shows Crop Up Again – Event Marketer

Roundup: Superfan Experiences for Movies and Shows Crop Up Again – Event Marketer

Roundup: Superfan Experiences for Movies and Shows Crop Up Again

In the age of COVID-19, traffic flow and timed entries are critical elements to creating an environment that supports social distancing and safety. It’s no surprise then that ticketed pop-ups and drive-ins for consumers have been among the first event types to kick off successfully this summer. Among them: entertainment-inspired superfan experiences that show no signs of hitting their peak. Here’s a look at a few programs that cropped up over the summer.

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Honey I Shrunk the Kids

The Sixth cocktail bar in Chicago has transformed its space into a “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”-inspired Instagram environment dubbed “Honey, I Shrunk the Pop-up.” The pop-up, which opened Aug. 26 and runs through Nov. 1, offers seating outdoors or indoors as well as 14 movie-themed cocktails and food by The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group chefs. The space is decked out in oversized décor, large-scale movie scenes and socially distanced photo ops. Reservations are required for 20 guests inside and 10 guests outdoors at a time. More info here.


Stranger Things 

Coming this October, Netflix will immerse fans in a “Stranger Things” experience following the delay of the series’ fourth season with the Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience. The event will transport Los Angeles-based consumers to the year 1985 from the safety of their vehicles. Activated in partnership with immersive theater company Secret Cinema, the event is taking place at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles and will accommodate groups of 24 cars that will navigate through replica sets and scenes enhanced by live actors, A/V and other special effects. Tickets go for $59 per car. Read more here.


Saved By the Bell

The “Saved By the Max” pop-up restaurant platform launched in Chicago several years ago by an event planner who recognized the superfandom surrounding “Saved By the Bell” has returned. In August, the pop-up announced its reopening with locations in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Over five days, fans could reserve takeout meals for $22 of the “Bayside Preppy Pack,” which included the “Bayside Burger with The Tigers Tator Tots” as well as themed to-go cocktails. The L.A. location offered outdoor seating. Read more here.


Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Airbnb is back with another immersive fan experience, this time with the actual mansion filmed for “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Starting Sept. 29, residents in Los Angeles County have the opportunity to book a one-night stay at the mansion in October for a group of two for $30—an homage to the show’s 30th anniversary this year. During their stay, guests will explore rooms decked out in series-inspired décor. Fans who can’t make a reservation can sign up for an Airbnb Online Experience featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff himself. Read more here.

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