Reverse Pivots: Inside Michelob ULTRA’s Reboot of its MOVEMENT Live Platform – Event Marketer

Reverse Pivots: Inside Michelob ULTRA’s Reboot of its MOVEMENT Live Platform – Event Marketer
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Reverse Pivots: Inside Michelob ULTRA’s Reboot of its MOVEMENT Live Platform

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Producer, artist and dj Zedd gave a post-workout performance at Michelob’s cycling event.

Sometimes, an epic roadblock, like a pandemic, can lead to growth for experiential programming. Just ask Michelob ULTRA, which is reverse-pivoting its fitness platform MOVEMENT Live into a hybrid experience that will deliver on the scale that its lockdown-era virtual version provided, while bringing consumers together in person to celebrate wellness with the sweet reward of a low-calorie, post-workout beer.

To launch MOVEMENT Live’s new chapter, which will include virtual and in-person workouts, happy hours and sweepstakes throughout 2022, Michelob ULTRA hosted a kickoff experience on Nov. 10 at San Diego’s Petco Park that drew 500 fitness enthusiasts for an hour-long outdoor cycling class presented by the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF), a nonprofit that helps individuals with life-altering injuries participate in adapted performance training. Singer and actress Becky G hosted the program, which also featured a live concert performance by Grammy Award-winning artist, producer and dj Zedd.

“This hybrid concept has us very excited,” says Ricardo Marques, vp-marketing at Michelob ULTRA. “We want to adapt to the times we are living in now and be consistent. The platform has been around for a few years, and we are staying with it and evolving it.”

michelob_summer_run_2016_teaserMore From Michelob’s Event Portfolio:

The cycling experience and concert was also streamed live so that anyone could participate virtually. Reality television star and fitness instructor Demar Jackson led the workout, and cycling studios from around the world—including Ecuador, Mexico City, Mexico and São Paulo, Brazil—were live-streamed into the main event.

Leaning on marketing insights that reveal consumers are now more focused on achieving a balance between time spent on fitness and socializing with friends, the brand designed the MOVEMENT Live launch event to offer attendees a two-hour, post-workout happy hour with live music, complimentary food and, of course, a couple of free beers. Workout amenities included a hydration station, towel, cycling shoe rental and swag.

Last year the MOVEMENT Live platform pivoted to virtual and proved to be one of the most watched home workout platforms in and outside the U.S. “We are looking to cement ourselves as an active enjoyment brand, which is central to our strategy,” Marques says. “We were looking to create a one-of-a-kind experience that we can build off as we go into 2022.”

Proceeds from the ticketed experience benefited ATF, and partnering with the organization filled a larger commitment by the brand to bring diversity and inclusion into the world of sports and fitness. Agency: Mosaic.

Michelob Ultra_Movement Live_2021_concert crowd

Rewarding attendees for their workout, Michelob provided a happy hour with live music, complimentary food and cold beers.

Photo credit: Michelob ULTRA

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