Liquid I.V. Race House activation at the Miami Grand Prix

First-time Formula 1 Sponsor Liquid I.V. Talks Miami Grand Prix, Hydration Inspiration

“We listen to our customers and are very intentional with the concept of our activations so that it’s something they want to participate in and, hopefully, learn a lot about the brand.”

—Brittany Shaw, Senior Brand Director, Liquid I.V.

Liquid I.V. Selfie Cam Sponsorship

Liquid I.V. sponsored the grand prix’s selfie cam and had brand signage posted around the campus.

In the wheel-to-wheel racing of Formula 1, every second counts, with the cars designed to be incredibly aerodynamic to keep up with the cars ahead. One feature that offers a temporary speed boost is the drag reduction system, known as DRS. It allows drivers to open a flap in their car’s rear wing to reduce drag levels when running within a second of a car in front. Liquid I.V. ran with the DRS concept and gave it a clever brand spin for its activation at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, May 3-5. Enter: Dehydration Reduction System.

With the Florida heat reaching 85 degrees, it was essential for race fans to stay hydrated, and sponsor Liquid I.V. had them covered. The electrolyte drink mix brand set up Race House in the Miami International Autodrome’s Fountains area, along with branded touchpoints and garage-themed sampling pop-ups around the Hard Rock Stadium complex. The Race House club experience featured branded lounge areas, logoed pillows, seating, light bites and fruit-flavored, Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier-infused specialty beverages, including Winnermelon, Pit Crew Punch and Miami’s Vice.

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Spurred by weather data tracking blazing daily temperatures, Liquid I.V. announced hydration reminders on screens and launched the Dehydration Reduction System team of brand ambassadors to roll out in different DRS zones within Race House. The DRS service included mocktails and misting fans to keep attendees cool and hydrated.

Coinciding with the grand prix, Liquid I.V. launched its first brand refresh since its inception in 2012 and the “Tear. Pour. Live. More.” brand campaign that was debuted on-site. Liquid I.V. amplified brand awareness over the weekend with social content, influencers, signage, branded reusable sampling cups and a new brand campaign video spot projected around the campus grounds. The brand also sponsored the event’s selfie cam and posted up billboards around the Miami area. The activation marked the brand’s first sponsorship in the professional racing world.

Liquid I.V. created a relaxed club experience in Race House with branded lounge areas, seating, snacks and mocktails.

“We’ve seen so much growth and popularity [with Formula 1] here domestically, and we’re excited to be the first-ever functional hydration sponsor for the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix,” Brittany Shaw, Liquid I.V.’s senior brand director, told EM ahead of the race. “This multiyear partnership is much larger than a collaboration; it’s a really high-reach, high-impact cultural tentpole event that amplifies our brand in a very highly emerging white space.”

The sponsorship is part of a three-year experiential-fueled growth strategy that began in 2022 with the “Fuel your Play” brand campaign that came to life with a rollerblading and skateboarding “Hydrate and Skate” event in Santa Monica, CA. For the 2023 “Real People. Real Flavor. Real Hydrating.” campaign, which supported Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free, the brand partnered with dj duo Sofi Tukker through a curation of mixtape releases and activated several music festival extensions to sustain the momentum.

“For this year, our partnership is part of a broader strategy to create iconic breakthrough and unique experiences nationwide this summer,” Shaw said. “Our presence in Miami is really the beginning of our plan to reach consumers in completely new ways with entirely new capabilities that take experiential events on the road around the country. And we’re going to be supporting this with additional field marketing initiatives.” Agency: NVE Experience Agency.


Take a spin through Liquid I.V. Race House and track-side touchpoints:

Photo credit: Liquid I.V.

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