Ideas from Fashion Trade Shows: Five Exhibit Style Touches

When Informa Markets’ MAGIC apparel trade shows, Project and Sourcing at MAGIC, come to Las Vegas, it’s all senses, all the time. Djs are spinning records in the hallways and in the lounge areas. Scents that remind you of a vacation (and a little holiday romance?) fill the air. The bubbly is flowing only to be punctuated by shots of espresso. The fact that business is done, and the shows were buzzing, is almost surprising.

Taking place concurrently at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Feb. 13-15, each of these marketplaces has a distinct character and community, but they’re united in commitment to personal expression through style. How does that manifest in an environment with very few custom booths? Here’s what we saw, and did, on the show floor.

nrf-2024-toshiba-full-booth-exterior-teaserMore Trade Show Tactics:

Flowers, Feathers, Grasses

Fresh, dried, fake, bold or subtle, natural-looking, or completely out of this world, flowers were a go-to element for brands looking to amp up the youthful vibe and the bohemian charm. Feathers—in all sizes and colors—as well as feather and other grasses, seemed to blur the straight corners of exhibits and add a wispy texture to the space.

Informa_MAGIC_2024_floral mannequin heads


Informa_MAGIC_2024_hat installation booth_covered floorsFloor Coverings, Galore

There’s no contracted carpet for these shows, so while some exhibitors choose to stand on the bare concrete floor, many use this opportunity to pad the booth experience with just the right rug. Wall-to-wall beige is so blah. From men’s brands leaning into rich burgundy classics to masterpieces from remote cultures to pieces that mimic the brand’s retail experience, it was an extravaganza of expression. Not feeling it with pink shag? Some brands made a statement, and printed it too, on floor vinyl that even though not as cushy was still quite impactful.


Hands-on and Personal

Limited-edition totes? Personalized jerseys? Custom earrings? Brands collaborated with the show organizers on limited-edition giveaways that make for memorable keepsakes, especially for attendees attending year after year. In the lounge areas on the floor, bows—the hottest accessory of the season—were getting bejeweled in a popular DYI activation. The same spirit of personalized beauty drove engagement at the exhibit by the hat brand Two Roads, where attendees could put their sentiments into bead bracelets.

Informa_MAGIC_2024_Crafting Table


Informa_MAGIC_2024_Miou Muse photo opInsta Collabs

With style in focus, it comes as no surprise that Instagrammable moments would be among the top engagements at these shows. One such example was a collab between MAGIC and a young contemporary apparel brand MIOU MUSE that created a Valentine’s Day-inspired photo set, combining a sponsorship opportunity and sharable content. Bonus points for inspiring buyers to connect with their inner model.



Unconventional Structures

Informa_MAGIC_2024_winter coat booth AlpenWith few custom exhibits, the unique and not necessarily most expensive solutions really stand out. Take, for example, the 10×20 by a Canadian outwear brand Alpenhouse that built the exhibit walls out of inflatable sections. Mimicking the puffiness of the brand’s jackets, the construction also drove the message of sustainability (the whole exhibit fits into a box when deflated) in a unique and organic way.

Ad infinitum: a circular fashion showcase by PROJECT featured an outdoor winter scene complete with a clear igloo dome that added an element of connection with nature. The semi-enclosed space felt cozy with plush furniture and faux sheepskin rugs and made for a popular place to get away from the business and the visual overload of the show floor, and enjoy a mimosa in peace.

Informa_MAGIC_2024_winter dome ad infin

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