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College Marketing: Toyota Enlists Art Students To Launch Yaris

Toyota has “hired” 10 art-school classes to create launch campaigns for its new Yaris subcompact. Other brands have hired college classes to devise youth-focused marketing strategies but Toyota chose art school students because it’s seeking credibility among “upbeat indie” consumers.

Students are creating marketing and promotions campaigns to promote the 2007 Yaris. But the classes were given some unique instructions: Campaigns are not allowed to use actual vehicles. Toyota reportedly is looking more for ideas to generate viral impact as opposed to getting potential buyers to kick the tires or sit inside the cars.

Students have 11 weeks to develop pitch and execute campaigns on their campuses and in their local markets. In late June the classes will present to Toyota reps and the top three classes will present to executives at Toyota corporate. The automaker will donate to the school’s scholarship funds for the top three classes. Agency: edVenture Partners Orinda CA.


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