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Stunt Strategies: 11 Ways to Stop Consumers in Their Tracks

In an age when goldfish have longer attention spans than humans, getting consumers to notice a brand’s marketing efforts is challenging, to say the least. But fortune favors the bold, as they say, and event marketers are taking the adage to heart, producing striking experiential stunts that cause even the most distracted of consumers to do a double-take. But it’s not just about the shock factor—brands are finding clever ways to integrate key messaging into these experiences, and offering a taste of their personality at the same time. Here, a review of 11 experiential stunt strategies that cut through the clutter.

  • Ben & Jerry’s Makes Dreams of Diving into a Pint of Ice Cream Come True

    Not one to shy away from a creative stunt, Ben & Jerry’s for the launch of its low-calorie Moo-phoria ice cream created a human “claw” arcade game. The Feb. 7 activation at Winter Garden at Brookfield Place in Manhattan, involved a five-foot-high inflatable pint of ice cream, climbing apparatus and a pit filled with pillows...

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  • Banks’s Beer Tells it Like it is With a Snarky Advent Calendar Installation

    British beer brand Banks’s on Dec. 1 launched a holiday campaign that replaces cheesy sentiments often associated with the season with tongue-in-cheek messaging designed to resonate with younger audiences. The effort, “Tells Christmas Like It Is,” combines the mindset of the graffiti artist and the gritty humor of its working-class roots with the traditional Christian...

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  • Stunts: Ally Bank’s Drone Delivers Phone Chargers to Mall Shoppers

    One way to gain a little attention in the marketplace? Launch a drone decked out in your brand colors and logo in a busy shopping mall. That’s exactly what Ally Bank did on Oct. 7, the Saturday before National Online Bank Day, which took place the following Monday. The point? The drone delivered free phone...

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  • Street Stunts Give New Yorkers a Taste of Alabama

    Through street stunts and an interactive activation, the Alabama Tourism Department set out this summer to educate New Yorkers, and beyond, about all that Alabama has to offer. (Did you know that no out-of-state corporations own property along its Gulf Coast beaches? Or that Frank Stitt’s Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham has been a...

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  • Stunts: Xfinity Takes ‘Fast and Furious’ Fans on a Thrill Ride

    To take advantage of the active fan base surrounding “The Fast and the Furious,” and leverage the synergy between the speed-centric movie franchise and the new Xfinity Gig internet service, Comcast companies Xfinity and Universal Pictures teamed up on a “drive-out” cinema stunt. Two unsuspecting fans thought they had won a contest to view the...

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  • Ben & Jerry’s Giant Cereal Bowl Stunt Makes a Splash in New York City

    Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s on March 7, which happened to be National Cereal Day, created a splash of sorts with a pop-up stunt in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. The idea was to promote its new lineup of Cereal Splashback flavors—Fruit Loot, Frozen Flakes and Cocoa Loco, which are inspired by the...

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  • B-to-B Stunts: Aristocrat Teams Up with Tim McGraw at G2E

    The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is an international casino gaming trade show and conference held in Las Vegas that packs some stiff competition. So when veteran gaming manufacturer Aristocrat prepared to unveil its highly anticipated Tim McGraw machine to the event’s 26,000 attendees this fall, it rolled the dice with a bold stunt that ultimately...

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  • Namecheap’s Low-Budget ‘Where’s Waldo’ Stunt Goes Viral

    Where’s Waldo? From March 11-15 you could find him wandering through the South by Southwest Interactive festival (SXSWi), attracting the attention of thousands of consumers as he sported the signature red and white-striped shirt and hat from the classic children’s books of the same name. “Waldo” in this case was Wesley Faulkner, social media manager...

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  • Inside JetBlue’s ‘Reach Across the Aisle’ Viral Stunt

    In a stunt that has gone viral, JetBlue leveraged the timely cultural climate of the presidential primaries for an in-flight activation that got passengers to literally Reach Across the Aisle. The 150 passengers aboard a flight from Boston to Phoenix were told they would win a free round-trip ticket to one of 20 domestic or...

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  • FOX Sports’ Daytona 500 Stunt Gets ‘the Boot’ in NYC

    FOX Sports got New Yorkers’ motors running Feb. 16-19 with a NASCAR stunt in one of New York City’s most heavily trafficked locales. To promote its coverage of the Daytona 500 on Feb. 21, the media brand placed the No. 18 M&M’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series vehicle of defending champion Kyle Busch in Manhattan’s bustling...

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  • TiVo Riles up Moviegoers with Commercial Interruptions

    TiVo in December pulled the ultimate prank on a theater full of moviegoers in Boulder, CO, to promote its newest entertainment device. Aiming to boost awareness for its Bolt DVR system, the brand offered consumers free tickets to a screening of the latest James Bond film, “Spectre”—then promptly interrupted the flick at three different intervals...

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