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Four Ways to Use Drones at Events

Four Ways to Use Drones at Events

Drones have come a long ways since the era of ambiguous FAA rules and unthinkable price tags. These days, they’re regulated, affordable and offer a wide array of uses—especially when it comes to event marketing. From content-capture to competitions, we offer four ways to give your drone strategy wings.


1. Highlight Your Technology

Intel incorporated a 22-foot diameter drones cage into its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show. The drones were flown live using Intel’s RealSense, offering attendees an engaging and relevant look at how the technology works.

2. Take Content-Capture to the Next Level

Anheuser-Busch’s second Whatever, USA program on Catalina Island put drones at the center of its content-capture toolbox. Throughout the three-day event, video drones could be seen hovering at all hours, capturing exclusive content for TV spots and the brand’s social media channels.

3. Deliver the Goods

Leveraging drones at your event can be as simple as using the devices to swiftly deliver products to attendees. Salesforce ceo Marc Benioff spiced up his keynote at Dreamforce with a Coke-delivery drone, while Anheuser-Busch delivered cold Bud Lights to attendees of its original Whatever, USA program.

4. Entertain

With the advent of professional drone racing, the number of consumers interested in the up-and-coming sport is expanding rapidly. Consider partnering with a few pro pilots and let them wow attendees with some high-octane racing competitions like Mountain Dew did at its Day of Drones influencer and media event.

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