Idea Inspiration: Inside Five Themed Hotel Room Takeovers – Event Marketer

Idea Inspiration: Inside Five Themed Hotel Room Takeovers – Event Marketer

Idea Inspiration: Inside Five Themed Hotel Room Takeovers

You’ve seen the large-scale hotel property takeovers, from BudX Miami to The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort, but sometimes all it takes is a hotel room overhaul to make an impact. From non-endemic brands to hospitality chains to booking agencies, a range of brands have recently delivered hotel room takeovers that pack a punch—each with its own quirky theme. When the industry emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, these imaginative strategies just might be the inspiration you need to get back in the experiential groove. Here’s a look.

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Lisa Frank Flat

lisa-frank-flat-hotels-comThis one’s worth a flip through the ol’ Trapper Keeper. In what can only be described as a ’90s kid’s wildest dream, transformed a penthouse at the Barsala Hotel in Los Angeles into the Lisa Frank Flat, bringing to life the whimsical designer’s vibrant line of school supplies. Every inch of the suite was covered in Frank’s colorful characters and designs, making fans feel like they had jumped inside one of her iconic notebooks. Among touchpoints: a technicolor rainbow window display, a light-up canopy bed and wall mural, a full kitchen, a decked-out desk space (with plenty of office supplies, naturally) and a full bathroom, complete with branded toiletries, slippers and a robe. Boo-ya!

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2020 Resolutions Resort

With a new year often comes a slate of lofty consumer resolutions, a concept leveraged to deliver its “Resolutions Suites,” 20 custom-designed and themed experiences, each aligning with one of the 20 most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2020. Located in Manhattan at the Broad Exchange Building, the suites range from one-bedroom to two-bedroom apartments, with full kitchens, bathrooms with luxury amenities, and tailored programming. Themes found within the Resolutions Resort: Spend Quality Time With Your Pet, Cook Up A Storm, Study Another Culture, Learn to Code and Find Your Funny.

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Barbie Suite

As the maker of one of the most iconic toys of all time, Mattel knew it had to go all-in to celebrate Barbie’s 60th anniversary. So the brand teamed up with the Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe to deliver a hot-pink hotel suite takeover, and accompanying amenities, with a “Barbie goes glamping” theme. Guests began the experience by walking the pink carpet and posing for a photo op with a larger-than-life replica of the doll’s iconic pink heel at the hotel’s entrance. Then it was up to the suite, where rare Barbie dolls from the past six decades awaited. There was also Barbie-themed artwork and décor. And anchoring the space was a life-sized DreamCamper, where guests could play dress-up, sit around a fake campfire and sleep in bunk beds.


Outside of the suite, guests could enjoy a range of amenities, including hot-pink lounge chairs by the hotel pool, each bearing the Barbie logo, and an exclusive “pink menu” featuring heart-shaped pizzas, gnocchi in pink sauce, red velvet desserts and strawberry ice cream.

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booking-com_addams-family-2019_2The Addams Family Mansion

Just in time for Halloween and in celebration of the newest animated Addams Family film, devised a replica of the clan’s famously creepy mansion, available for booking. The 3,700-square-foot, 1800s-era townhouse offered a little spine-tingling fun at every turn. Guests could tend to Morticia’s carnivorous plants, tinker with Pugsley’s machines, play with Wednesday’s beheaded doll and look out for Thing, who appeared intermittently. The experience also included snacks, a screening of the animated film and branded amenities.

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Elf Suite

If you love the holiday movie “Elf,” this one was for you. Club Wyndham, in partnership with Warner Bros., dreamed up an “Elf”-themed suite at its property in midtown Manhattan, where guests were immersed in the film’s key scenes from the get-go. After stepping through a door wrapped in an elf ensemble, consumers could explore the one-bedroom suite. Among the offerings: hundreds of paper snowflakes like the ones Buddy crafts in the movie, a wall-sized gift installation, a larger-than-life nutcracker (“son of a nutcracker!”), a towering Christmas tree, an array of Buddy’s favorite toys including an Etch A Sketch and garlands galore.


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