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Event Programs: Meow Mix Connects With Pet Owners Through Acatemy

Del Monte’s Meow Mix is giving pet parents a chance to embrace their inner feline with the Meow Mix Acatemy an event program featuring a variety of cat experts—including feline behaviorists therapists veterinarians and pet psychics.

The kick-off event held at the Daryl Roth Theatre in New York City’s Union Square was a four-day program that wrapped on Aug. 25. Participants could take part in a wide range of interactive courses that simulated different aspects of a cat’s behavior such as scaling a climbing wall and receiving expert instruction from djs on how to scratch. Chef Cat Cora star of the Food Network’s Iron Chef America led cooking demonstrations that showed participants how to make healthy dishes for themselves using foods that cats love including beef tuna and shrimp. Cats of course were welcome to attend the events with their owners.

The Acatemy is part of a broader marketing platform that Meow Mix is executing this year called Think Like A Cat. “Our target consumer has a very special relationship with their cat and we’re trying to build some marketing programs around that insight ” Brian Ely marketing director for Meow Mix told Buzz. “We want to help pet parents understand their cats a bit better and strengthen their relationship with their cats.”

Phase two? A mobile marketing program that’s hitting 11 cities. The tour features a similar—albeit scaled-down version—of the New York Acatemy experience. The tour concludes on Nov. 4 in San Francisco. Agency: Grand Central Marketing New York City.


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@veronikapanda

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