How Corona is Employing a ‘Test and Learn’ Metaverse Strategy with a Virtual Clubhouse

“This allows us to test and learn. There are so many different ways that we can reach our consumers these days, and this is very much ‘let’s try to understand the implications from an experience like this.’ We want to make sure it sticks and it resonates.”

-Jordan Fischbach, Manager-Trade Marketing at Constellation Brands

Corona is known for serving up its cervezas with relevant, culture-forward consumer programs designed to entice its younger, multicultural target. The latest instance is a virtual golf clubhouse promoting its premium light beer, Corona Premier, with clickable touchpoints like branded games, promotional codes, food pairings, recipes and a shot at winning a trip to the U.S. Open Golf Championship in June. The brand designed the space to engage users in its “lighter side of golf” messaging while providing an experience in the digital realm where so many consumers live. As the brand puts it, the clubhouse was built to give people “a reason to engage with our brand in that world.”

The clubhouse “grounds” entail a handsome, 3D golf course environment surrounded by mountains and water, complete with the sound of waves crashing and birds chirping. Inside the building itself, users can navigate between rooms, like a bar where they can order Corona Premier online via delivery partner Drizly, browse recipes, like a grilled pineapple summer shandy, and check out food pairings to match. There’s also a pro shop displaying items from retail partner Foray Golf and a TravisMathew x Corona Premier collection of golf-centric clothing and accessories, as well as a video screen showing a playful brand ad on loop.

jagermeister-lesbian-bar-project-metaverse-2022-teaserMetaverse Strategies You Might Like:

“What this [program] allows us to do is, number one, bring our programming to life for consumers and drive them to something that maybe they don’t see every day,” says Jordan Fischbach, manager-trade marketing at Constellation Brands. “Number two, it allows us to test and learn. There are so many different ways that we can reach our consumers these days, and this is very much ‘let’s try to understand the implications from an experience like this…’ We want to make sure it sticks and it resonates with them, and so far, it looks like it is. Time on-site for a traditional microsite is 30 seconds or less, and we’re seeing a [dwell time] around the two-minute and 50-second mark.”

Throughout the virtual clubhouse, consumers can click on calls-to-action to enter a sweepstakes with a grand prize offering a six-day, five-night trip for one winner and three guests to the U.S. Open, including accommodations at a beach house rental, tickets to the tournament and $4,500 in spending money. Videos showcasing the stunning, shorefront grand prize estate in Malibu add extra incentive to participate.

Fischbach says the virtual clubhouse is the first piece of a longer-term strategy around building metaverse-inspired campaigns that meet young audiences where they are. Plans to expand the experience with more partners are on the horizon for the summer, and potentially beyond.

“It’s an investment, no question. But we’re learning quite a bit from it that can certainly inform future programs,” Fischbach says. “What I would say as a best practice is to define what you want to do, define what you want to test, define what your objectives are… And while our team led this execution, we needed the support and continued input from a lot of different cross-functional [partners]. I think that’s what is making this truly successful.” Agencies: Upshot, lead agency; Obsess, virtual platform.

Corona Premier Virtual Clubhouse 2023_interior bar

At the bar, users can order Corona via delivery partner Drizly, browse drink recipes and match them with food pairings.

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