Earth Day Experiential: Nine Ideas to Inspire Event Planning

Earth Day Experiential Roundup: Nine Ideas to Inspire Your Event Planning – Event Marketer

Earth Day Experiential Roundup: Nine Ideas to Inspire Your Event Planning

There are big questions surrounding what the event industry will look like as it reemerges on the other side of the pandemic’s social distancing mandates. A topic event marketers have recognized for years, and have made systematic changes to address, is sustainability. Once an issue primarily tackled behind the scenes, sustainability is now woven throughout events in communications, engagements and content.

“I think that there is much more awareness than there used to be,” Sunya Norman, director-sustainability at Salesforce, told EM last year. “There’s also a movement to bring this sort of content to traditional events, something Salesforce does particularly well.”

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we dug into our archives for examples of earth-friendly messaging and sustainable event practices that could inspire how your brand’s event organization prepares for the comeback. (Check out our weekly video chat series “Operation: Recovery” for more discussions surrounding how COVID-19 is impacting events.)

  • Fuso Transforms a Parking Garage Into a ‘Positive Energy Station’ for the Launch of its All-Electric Truck

    Product launches in the trucking industry typically take place in a convention center or even at the factory. But for Mitsubishi Fuso, a division of Daimler and maker of the first mass-produced zero-emission truck, the eCanter, that just wasn’t going to do. Instead, Fuso turned to the city of New York where on Sept. 14...

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  • Absolut Creates a Sustainable Footprint at Coachella for ‘People, Planet and Product’

    Absolut vodka created an oasis for “people, planet and product” at its experiential activation at Coachella, offering festivalgoers dancing, drinks and air conditioning, as well subtle cues alluding to its new Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka campaign, which officially kicked off on Earth Day, Monday, April 22. Its Coachella experience was the first iteration of the...

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  • Three Ideas from Subaru on Producing Zero-waste Events

    Subaru of America’s marketing messaging centers around the Subaru Love Promise, and one of those promises is “Subaru Loves the Earth.” While the brand is involved in a number of sustainable and earth-friendly initiatives, for the first time, Subaru aimed its promise at its events, creating for its National Business Conference for Subaru dealers, a...

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  • College Marketing: Hyundai Drives a Sustainability Message at Three Campuses

    Climate change and environmental sustainability are hot-button topics that marketers can’t ignore, particularly when it comes to engaging younger generations. It’s a fact not lost on Hyundai, which on Nov. 22 wrapped its Fill it Forward college marketing campaign, part of its broader Drive the Future: A Hyundai Experience initiative. The program, which promoted water...

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  • How to Elevate Your Event’s Sustainability Plan from Add-on to Strategy

    How sustainability was built into the framework of HP’s Reinvent forum Sustainability is part of the company ethos at HP Inc. From its supply chain to operations to environmental initiatives to products, sustainability is woven throughout the corporation, and, naturally, it is woven throughout the brand’s events, too. At HP Reinvent 2019, the annual flagship...

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  • Green 2.0: How Brands Are Immersing Consumers in Modern Environmental Causes

    Four ways brands are reimagining what it means to ‘go green’ We used to think about “going green” by way of recycling or using less paper. Those actions are still important and in play, no doubt. But more and more, marketers are developing creative engagements that are immersing consumers in modern environmental issues and in...

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  • How Brands from Bacardi to Salesforce are Tackling Event Food Waste

    Reducing food and beverage waste is the new way to “go green” There’s a pressing topic that event marketers can no longer ignore: food waste. The USDA estimates that 30 to 40 percent of the country’s food supply ends up in landfills, while the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reports that food waste is responsible...

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  • Toyota Turns a Gas Station into an Eco-Friendly Oasis

    Toyota, a 16-year partner of the Environmental Media Awards at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA, this year transformed a gas station across the street from the event into a green space where it displayed its eco-friendly vehicles and offered guests green-themed sensory experiences, including a shareable photo opportunity and personalized wheatgrass shot glasses. The...

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  • Sustainability: The Economist’s Traveling Coffee Cart Serves Up Education on Food Waste

    The majority of consumers don’t know that biodiesel made from used coffee grounds is comparable to the best biodiesels on the market. In an effort to spread the word, The Economist in April and May took its “mind-stretching journalism” to the streets.

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