Earth Day Experiential Roundup: Nine Ideas to Inspire Your Event Planning

There are big questions surrounding what the event industry will look like as it reemerges on the other side of the pandemic’s social distancing mandates. A topic event marketers have recognized for years, and have made systematic changes to address, is sustainability. Once an issue primarily tackled behind the scenes, sustainability is now woven throughout events in communications, engagements and content.

“I think that there is much more awareness than there used to be,” Sunya Norman, director-sustainability at Salesforce, told EM last year. “There’s also a movement to bring this sort of content to traditional events, something Salesforce does particularly well.”

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we dug into our archives for examples of earth-friendly messaging and sustainable event practices that could inspire how your brand’s event organization prepares for the comeback. (Check out our weekly video chat series “Operation: Recovery” for more discussions surrounding how COVID-19 is impacting events.)

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