Women in Events 2023: Q&A with OS Studios

Megan Kuhlenschmidt, OS Studios

Best career advice, given or received.

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

Especially in live events, details matter, and sometimes you have to roll your sleeves up regardless of your title, to tackle those details head-on to ensure a successful event. Take pride in the small things too! It goes a long way in earning trust with your clients and this attention to detail often leads to bigger partnerships.


Career decision or step that made all the difference.

I took the bold step of moving from Nashville to New York City to freelance. Not having any work lined up was a big risk for me, especially after living comfortably for years with a stable job in Nashville. I knew the only way to excel in events was by immersing myself in every event opportunity and I was confident NYC was the right choice to unlock more chances within the events community. My hunch was correct, and the move allowed me to expand my skills across all sizes and scales of events.

That’s where OS Studios made such an impact in my life. Here, I get to continue growing and learning alongside our innovative partners. We are at the forefront of pushing the boundaries on what’s possible for events; whether digital or in-person. It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone, but if you are serious about your growth – you have to be willing to abandon it!


What do you love about being in events?

For fans & event attendees, every event holds a lasting significance. The impact of a successful event lingers for weeks, months, or even a lifetime. As an event professional, you possess the remarkable capacity to unite people in memorable ways with each event. We play a role in creating memories that tap into the soul of every person going to these events. The power of creating inclusive, dynamic events for different communities around the world is a constant source of inspiration for me, motivating me to go above and beyond for our clients and for our team at OS Studios.


What are points of difference of your company?

OS Studios is a trailblazing powerhouse built on innovation. Our mission is to create events & programming that spark cultural crossovers within Gen Z and beyond. Gaming culture is in our blood and we use our knowledge of reaching young audiences to inform how we work with clients in a multi-platform world. Because of this, I get to lead incredibly creative events that are unique, inclusive and fun!


A top experience you created this year

With our partners at Riot Games, we created the VCT World Championships Fan Fest outside the LA Forum. We designed the attendee journey, thoughtfully imagining their experience and immersing them in VALORANT IP. This came to life through custom-designed booths & activations that connected the game to larger cultural concepts in food, fashion & music. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing how our events bring so many people together and this truly was a reflection of that.


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