Women in Events 2023: Q&A with Fremont Group

Miranda Archer, Fremont Group

Tell us about your agency – what do you do and what is your differentiator?

Fremont Group is a woman-owned & operated event design and production agency specializing in corporate and experiential events, bespoke celebrations, and ultra-luxury destination weddings around the globe. Having previous experience working on the brand side, for other agencies, and even in non-profits, we bring a unique perspective to designing and producing experiences for our clients. We’re known for turning minimal detail into a grand idea, building something exceptional from a blank slate venue (ex. airplane hangar), or thinking outside the box for a one-of-a-kind event.


What is an industry trend that has your attention?

I hate to call it a trend because I hope and believe this initiative is around for the long term, but I love the deserved attention that neurodivergence is finally getting in the event space. The way people work, and certainly how they attend events is not one size fits all. I’ve closely followed the leading efforts of The Neu Project for quite some time and applaud how well IMEX collaborated with Google Xi recently to bring more awareness to our industry.


What are you most looking forward to in 2024?

The increasing desire for authentic experiences and immersion in local cultures is becoming more prevalent in social and corporate events, and I love it! Attendees no longer want just to book a standard spa appointment and deem that an “experience.” If we bring a group to Costa Rica, they want to – learn about the rum distillery process from seed to bottle followed by a paired tasting with arepas or partake in a guided scenic forest hike, or discover local treats & homemade breads during a hands-on baking experience at a local’s home, or enjoy a chef-led dining program focused on celebrating indigenous Costa Rican life.


As a leader in events, what has contributed to your success?

I have always sung from the rooftops and will continue to, that you are your own biggest advocate. If you want something, ask for it; if something no longer serves you, leave it behind; and if you have an opinion, speak up, because your voice matters. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day of planning and executing events, but the industry is ever-evolving so continuing education is something that has & will always be important to me and my career. There are so many great associations that serve the events community and being a member since ever entering the job market has been instrumental to my career growth.


What is one thing missing from the industry, in your opinion?

Oof… as an avid lover of our industry and the remarkable things we’re capable of, I’ll never forget this story because it hurt me to my core! Earlier this year I had an absolute rockstar reporting to me that I saw a lot of myself in, so naturally I was rooting for her success (and still am!). Thus far in her two year career journey, she had only done one role in events and to her that was “events.” She was confiding in me that she wasn’t sure it was a fit for her long-term, when really all she’d ever known was 1% of what makes up events. It just reminded me that while the industry is so good at ensuring we stay on top of trends, social responsibilities, etc., we definitely lack marketing all the career paths possible and what different roles entail. Secondly, how universal skills can be when transferring either in or out of the industry.


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