On With the Show: Industry Insights and Words of Wisdom from Leading Agency Women

Grab a seat at the table with a group of Women in Events who are running the show on the agency side of the biz. In the following Q&As, industry powerhouses share their best career decisions, the trends that have their attention, how their respective organizations differentiate themselves and what it’s really like to be a leading woman in experiential marketing. They also weigh in on impactful growth strategies, improving ROI and why the small details matter.

Read on for hot tips and hot takes from marketing mavens in hot pursuit of the next big thing in events.


Caesars Entertainment, Kelly Gleeson Smith

Event Marketing Strategies, Maggie L. Ellison

Fremont Group, Miranda Archer

Highmark Tech Systems, Debbie Parrott

Interactive Entertainment Group, Patricia Dukofsky

LEO Events, Cindy Brewer

OS Studios, Megan Kuhlenschmidt

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