Women in Events 2023: Q&A with LEO Events

Cindy Brewer, LEO Events

Tell us more about LEO Events.

For over a decade, LEO Events has been a pioneer in global brand experiences. Whether longstanding or new, we always immerse ourselves in our clients’ brand and work as an extension of their team.

From elaborate festivals for tens of thousands to intimate engagements for a few dozen attendees, we produce it all. When LEO partners with a client, we seamlessly integrate ourselves as we embody their values throughout the event.

Our clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies, nationally recognized nonprofits, and community organizations and associations. LEO has been named to Event Marketer’s IT List for the past eight years.

As a full-service experience agency, LEO offers support services for client events that include strategy, creative, operations, production, entertainment, and more. Ultimately, we turn moments into experiences that bring purpose, meaning, and affinity to our clients’ brand.


What’s your approach when working with new clients?

Each client is our most important client, and we ensure that the level of service we provide for all of them is the highest. New clients should expect the best quality of work and know that they can count on us with every interaction. We’re The Solutions People, but we’re also The People-People. We place a premium on talent and good judgment, but most importantly, on relationships.

Relationships are all we have as people — how we relate to the world around us and the people we’re with. When clients are searching for an agency to work with, we take the time to understand them, not only as a brand, but also as the people behind the brand. We treat everyone we’re in contact with as the most valuable person in our business, and in return, we’re given their business and, more crucially their trust.


An industry trend that has your attention?

As a woman-owned business, LEO Events has always been progressive and focused on staying aware of trends. Not only are we seeing the use of AI in the events industry, but the technology is impacting all forms of business. It’s important to take note of this advancing tech and learn how to use it where appropriate. However, it’s equally critical to remember that in live experiences and events, authenticity is superior to artificial, and audiences know the difference.


Your best piece of career advice, given or received?

When owning a business, you’re going to work harder than ever before. You’re the first one in and the last one out. You’ll miss carpool pick-ups and social events, but you’ve got to put in the work. Once you do, the rewards are fantastic, professionally and personally. You’re able to do some fabulous things for yourself, your employees, and your community.


What sets LEO Events aside from other companies?

As I talked about before, relationships are our priority. We strive to make our clients feel valued and to view us as their partner. Every relationship we nurture gives us more points of view, allows us to grow, learn, adapt, and enables us to broaden our view while remaining innovative.

LEO is growing rapidly and recognizes that many agencies that grow the way we are become set in their ways, machine-like, and cold. We want to retain our warmth and approachability, to have the capabilities of a large company, but the personability of a small one. Nothing to us is a transaction; we’re on the call for as long as we need to be on the call. We put in the work, and we care. LEO now and forever is committed to our people and the relationships we have with them.


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