Eight Brands Weigh in on the Value of Events – Event Marketer

Eight Brands Weigh in on the Value of Events – Event Marketer

Eight Brands Weigh in on the Value of Events

For event marketers, it’s easy to recognize the value of executing live events. From earning customer loyalty to increasing ROI, the benefits of creating face-to-face experiences are vast. To get a more in-depth understanding of why live events have become such a crucial part of the marketing mix, we asked eight brand marketers to weigh in on how live experiences are making a difference for their brands. Here’s what they said:



“We strongly believe that giving consumers the opportunity to engage with our brand in a physical space is really important. Experiential marketing in general is really important to Casper because we’re interested in picking up where our digital conversations leave off and connecting with consumers, blurring the lines between our social media following and our actual communities on the ground.”
—Monica Brouwer, director-experiential marketing at Casper



“When we do campaign launches over email, it’s really up to how the reps interpret that email versus doing a live, face-to-face [event] and making sure they capture all those key points and value propositions, and then going to their end users and sharing that information.”
—Jeanette Kennedy, print commercial marketing lead at HP


Jack Link’s

“Because our brand personality is all about feeding your wild side, the best way to convey that is in person. That one-on-one engagement is what sets us apart from our competitors. We’re not just putting TV spots out there… We are really about the consumer. It’s inherent to the brand.”
—Johnna Rossbach, director of marketing integration at Jack Link’s


Southwest Airlines

“There are different passion points that people have and when you do something a little outside the box that’s more event-driven, it tends to create a more memorable experience and we obviously want that positive brand association. It’s a different way to engage an audience and we’re always looking for those ways that are outside the norm. We highly value shared experiences.”
—Kimberly Greiner, manager-community engagement at Southwest Airlines


Stella Artois

“When we think about millennials today and consumption in general, people are much more inclined to spend their money on an experience versus a tangible item like a pair of shoes. So this was really about creating an experience that would be appealing for people so that they could leave with memories of something that was unlike anything they had ever experienced before.”
—Mike Bascom, director of marketing at Stella Artois



“We do events around the world all the time. We have an event happening every week around the world; it’s part of our marketing strategy. We like to keep the brand relevant and cool and it’s a great way to reach our target audience.”
—Josh Metz, director of marketing at Tinder



“Because we’re an online retailer only, we don’t have that face-to-face interaction every day. Whenever we can get it at an event that makes sense for us, we love it. We love to get in front of our customers. We love to get that one-to-one connection; we call it the personal-emotional connection—really creating solid conversations and getting good feedback from our customers, and just talking to them because it’s not something we get to do often.”
—Catherine Cook, awareness marketing and public relations associate at Zappos.com



“[Live events are] a chance to spend time with consumers and give them a chance to get to know us. We get to become a little more human to them. We get to show them what our technology is all about. We’re showcasing how the brand lives and feels so you’re getting a little bit more time with people, and I think that’s the benefit of it.”
—Mario Artesiano, senior advertising manager at AT&T

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