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U.S. Air Force Brings Its Jobs to Life Inside High-tech Tour

To demystify its often sci-fi-like job descriptions, the United States Air Force is bringing to life its “It’s Not Science Fiction” campaign inside a 6,400 square-foot Command Center Alpha augmented reality tour. Potential recruits are immersed in a cutting-edge 3D setting inside a 53-foot trailer divided into three experiences, which include video, audio and downloadable information on all aspects of the U.S. Air Force.

“The intent of the tour is to bring to life the campaign using the latest in technology,” Captain Homero Martinez, chief of event marketing at the U.S. Air Force, told Buzz. “Augmented reality lives and breathes throughout the entire tour, allowing people to experience much more than in a TV commercial or ads. It creates a more sticky effect.”

Data collection is also a key component of the tour. Visitors are segmented into different propensity buckets depending on how they answer a survey. They’re then given corresponding color-coded RFID wristbands that when tapped at each of the 12 readers embedded into the trailer walls receive digital rewards, like wallpapers, ringtones and career related videos. Visitors are also given Tablet PCs that trigger all the different augmented reality touch points. On the backend, the digitally collected data is used to refine programs, contact hand raisers and show ROI results.

“Data capture is really important to us since we have recruiters on site receiving real-time information on their Tablet PCs about the people inside the footprint,” added Capt. Martinez. “It identifies those that are high propensity, which saves time, energy and resources.”

The tour kicked off April 21 and will be traveling to NASCAR races, music festivals and community events through Nov. 15. Agencies: GSD&M Idea City, Austin; USMP, Los Angeles.

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