Tribeca Teams up with AT&T and IMAX on a Summer Drive-In Series – Event Marketer

Tribeca Teams up with AT&T and IMAX on a Summer Drive-In Series – Event Marketer

Tribeca Teams up with AT&T and IMAX on a Summer Drive-In Series

It may not be quite what you pictured, but the return of events is finally on the horizon. Beginning June 25, in partnership with IMAX and AT&T, Tribeca Enterprises will deliver a live event series at drive-in theaters nationwide dubbed “Tribeca Drive-In.” The summer drive-in series will roll out in markets across the country throughout the season, and will feature a curated assortment of new, classic and independent movies, along with special music performances and sporting events—all experienced from the comfort and safety of consumers’ vehicles.

jeep-xgames-teaserMore on Film Experiences:

For each Drive-In event, Tribeca will work with local vendors to support small businesses and build a unique community experience. Programming will focus on unity and resilience, and help bring the storytellers and artists of Tribeca’s renowned film festival to the masses. Tribeca was founded to unify New York City in the aftermath of 9/11, rallying people through the arts. Now, amidst a global pandemic and months on lockdown, Tribeca is aiming to help consumers across the country feel the same sense of togetherness.

“Perhaps now more than ever, Americans are craving opportunities to come together, enjoy storytelling and creativity as a community, and recapture the shared cultural experiences that are part of our national identity,” said IMAX CEO Rich Gelfond in a release. “We’re proud to partner with Tribeca Enterprises and AT&T to develop this innovative program, shed a little light in this challenging time, and remind people of the magic of going to the movies.”

The Tribeca Drive-In series will run throughout the summer. Additional locations and programming info will be announced in the coming weeks.

This is it, people—the industry is on the mend.

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