12 Ways to Modernize Your Event Practice—and Prove Your Business Value

EM23 Opus Advertorial_v4_Page_1If you were working in the event industry in 2008, you no doubt recall the almost immediate impact the recession had on live events. As travel budgets were cut, so were thousands of the events that had become the lifeblood of their company’s sales pipelines. Flash forward a few years later, and the industry emerged more resolute and focused on how to better align events with the bottom line, and how to prove that events were a critical driver of revenue—and results.

Post-pandemic, there is a similar renaissance happening in event departments as portfolios have been reengineered and changes that were made, often out of necessity, have proven to be smarter, better ways of working—and doing. This has especially become true for b-to-b event organizations that have found themselves more imbedded in overall sales and marketing strategy.

This May, Event Marketer, in collaboration with leading event agency Opus Agency, convened a Think Tank representing top b-to-b event organizations from around the country. The conversation offered rare insight into what’s working, what’s not and how some of the industry’s most prolific event organizations see the role of events—and event marketers—changing. Here are 12 key predictions and takeaways on what’s driving success in today’s modern event organizations.


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