Podcast: The Experiential Principles of Employee Engagement

Marrah Thomas, Senior Manager-Global Internal Events and Conferences, Delta Air Lines

Marrah Thomas, Senior Manager-Global Internal Events and Conferences, Delta Air Lines

Organizations across industries are reportedly investing more in employee events this year, they’re increasing travel budgets for them, and in-person meetings are playing a key role in preserving company values and onboarding staff.

In this episode, Marrah Thomas, senior manager of global internal events and conferences at Delta Air Lines, helps break down what’s changing and what’s trending in employee engagement and how internal event marketing roles are evolving. Thomas’ team manages events that engage and inform leaders and events that engage and inform associates or frontline employees. And this year, her team has been busy building out onboarding events as well.

“You’re not only now competing with the external world, like all of your competitors, you’re even competing with other programs within your company a lot of times. So, being able to keep someone’s attention is really hard, and you have to make sure that it’s thoughtful and it’s impactful, that they’ll want to do it, and that it connects them back to something bigger,” Thomas says.

We also talk with Thomas about a large-scale internal event program her team recently executed at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and some of the best practices her team gleaned from that effort, as well as engagement strategies you can implement now to navigate the nuances of a remote workforce and “remote” engagement.


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