The Best of... Event Production & AV - Event Marketer

The Best of… Event Production & AV – Event Marketer

The Best of… Event Production & AV

Candid, Casual Conversations with Leading Experts in Event Production & AV

From content and concerts to streaming and social media, the world of event production and a/v has become a fully sensory experience. Technology is driving events that make connections with on-site audiences and off-site digital viewers. Social media is turning live engagements into amplified conversations. And elevated design and fabrication is turning the modern-day event into the brand marketer’s most authentic environment. Pulling off the perfect event is part art and part science, as you’ll hear below. To celebrate our B-to-B Dream Team issue, we assembled a handful of some of the industry’s top production and a/v partners for chats about what’s now, what’s next—and what you gotta know.


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