The 2021 Guide to Getting Back to Live - Event Marketer

The 2021 Guide to Getting Back to Live - Event Marketer
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The 2021 Guide to Getting Back to Live

The partners, products and places event marketers need to plan and produce successful events in 2021—and beyond

2021 Guide back to live Intro.p1If you’re prepping for a return to live but you need just the right strategic partners and resources to transform your pre-pandemic portfolio into a post-pandemic powerhouse—we’ve got you covered.

We created The 2021 Guide to Getting Back to Live to help you find the venues, services and expertise you need to make the rest of 2021 and 2022 one for the record books. Inside you will find profiles of the COVID-safe venues, strategic agencies, hybrid providers, technology solutions and other critical industry partners that are offering the event industry best-in-class solutions for their biggest concerns and pain points going into the second half of the year.

Each profile includes vital information on the industry’s top partners and providers, all designed to help you get to know who’s who, who does what, and quickly review key features, case studies, client rosters and pricing, and narrow down your choices to just those providers worth a closer look.

Enjoy the guide and good luck!


It’s a different world out there—these partners can help:

Case studies of excellence:

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