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EventTech 411: Mobile Management and Engagement Tools

Every conversation in the event marketing industry eventually comes around to technology. You want to know what tools are out there to make your jobs easier, make your programs more successful and most crucially, make your target consumers love you the most. We have heard your clarion calls for help and now, with this monthly series, EM’s own Ken Briodagh will collect and codify the hottest, newest, most interesting, best (and sometimes worst) technological doohickeys available to you. We’ll even rate them for you on a scale of  (“Skip it”) to  (“Do it now”).

This month’s report focuses on mobile devices and some of the many ways and means of using them strategically to enhance your next event program. There’s more to mobile than attendee apps, and even though the stuff out there in the field right now is smokin’ hot, the tech coming down the pike is gonna come on like Vesuvius on Pompeii. (Too soon?) Here, we bring you a taste of the mobile products and trends out there designed specifically for event management and engagement… on the go.

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