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Strat Chats 2020: Featuring Oracle, Atlassian, Sprint and Ford

A roundtable discussion on building best-in-class event capabilities

As event marketers look ahead to the new year, many departments are already focused on bigger things, greater experiences and better results. For some companies, head count is changing. For others, new investments in data are getting prioritized. And for many, a commitment to tangible event strategy is driving all of it.

In our latest installment of Strat Chats—the national roundtable discussions produced by Event Marketer and leading global event agency Opus—we assembled top event marketers to discuss the state of the event department and how people and processes are evolving.

Featured participants: 

  • Tania Weidick, VP-Event Marketing, Oracle
  • Angie Smith, Head of Event and Field Marketing, Atlassian
  • John Heiman, Director of Experiential Marketing, Sprint
  • Garett Carr, Global Auto Show and Events Manager, Ford
  • Dena Lowery, Chief Operating Officer, Opus

Click HERE for the roundtable.

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