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Mophie’s CES Exhibit Strategy Holds A Secret

On the outside it looked like a giant black box, but Mophie’s International CES exhibit strategy centered on one big secret: a 1920s-themed speakeasy. It was located inside the 40-foot by 70-foot booth and featured a full bar, bartender (wearing suspenders and a bow tie), plush lounge chairs and tables—an oasis for the mobile battery case brand’s customers, partners and press.

The atmosphere of the 1,000-square-foot lounge was in stark contrast to the Consumer Electronics Show floor. A dark foyer with a glowing Mophie logo led to a hostess station and black curtains that revealed the space. It was quiet, warm and dim with wood floors, black carpeting, candles and period-inspired glass accent lighting hanging from the ceiling. Cocktail menus featured recipes inspired by 1920s figures, like the Gin Rickey (said to be the choice cocktail of F. Scott Fitzgerald) and the Mary Pickford (an old time movie star). There were bar snacks, like nuts and caramelized popcorn.

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“The lounge fit the Mophie vibe: we’re fun and like to have a good time, but we also work hard,” says Stephanie Webber, marketing manager of partnerships and events at Mophie. “We know there’s a ton of hustle and bustle on the show floor, so this was about getting people away from that to really experience our brand one-on-one, and to reinforce our position as a leading innovator in this category.”

At 5 p.m. each day of the show, Mophie hosted a happy hour for key tech and lifestyle media. Customers and partners were invited to stop in to the lounge for informal meetings, to take advantage of the Wi-Fi access or just to hang out. Across the aisle in the hall was a secondary 20-foot by 40-foot enclosed booth space that housed a conference table, charging stations and a flat screen for Mophie sales meetings.

The exterior of the booth, too, was an experience in and of itself. Manned by product specialists, it featured high-end window displays reminiscent of those found in California at the South Coast Plaza luxury shopping center in Costa Mesa, or Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Artistic showcases of Mophie products and their functionalities lined the walls like a gallery, a bright, modern exit from the experience behind the curtain. Agency: Design (structure): DisplayWorks, Parsippany, NJ; Design (product displays): Cornerstone Display Group, Valencia, CA.

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