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Sports Marketing: Expert Perspectives from Some of the Industry’s Leading Partners

Modern sports fans comprise one of the most passionate and powerful demographics in the world, but they have also become one of the most fickle. Your typical sports fan isn’t just watching the game anymore, they’re craving connectivity and fresh ways to amplify their fandom on their phones. They’re connecting with their favorite players and franchises online and across social media year-round. And they’re showing up to games with the expectation that there will be more engagement opportunities when they get there.

Through smart sponsorship strategies, technology integrations and innovative interactives, endemic and non-endemic brands alike are bringing fans closer to the games they love and the athletes they admire most. As we showcase some of the biggest sports activations of the year in the pages of this issue, we reached out to some of the industry’s top sports marketing partners for insights into what’s trending in the year ahead, what “hidden skills” a modern sports marketing partner should have and how brand marketers can stay ahead of what fans want.

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