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Soft Scrub Cleans Up on Dancing With The Stars Tour

Soft Scrub recently wrapped a 38-city tour as a sponsor of the Dancing with the Stars tour which ended its winter segment this month and kicks off again in June.

The main attraction? Two interactive green screens that allowed consumers to pose with celebrity dancers or sit as part of the judging panel. They were given a card reminding them to visit a microsite——where they were asked a series of questions before retrieving the photos. Consumers could upload personal photos they took on the tour with an option to customize each with branded frames. They could also download coupons and enter the Superior Performance Sweepstakes for a chance to win a personal dance lesson with DWTS pros.

“We decided that the best way to activate our superior performance platform on the tour was to let consumers create their own superior performance through the green screen ” Janell Holas associate brand manager at Soft Scrub told Buzz. “One of the main objectives of the green screen was to drive consumer traffic back to”

While folks waited in line to get their pictures snapped they could sample a variety of Soft Scrub products displayed on a table. The brand also generated buzz in the women’s bathroom by placing dance steps on the floor that directed consumers to its footprint. Agency: Revolution New York City.


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