This Property is Delivering Experiential Amid Social Distancing

How Legacy West Retail Center is Delivering Instagrammable Moments Amid Social Distancing Orders – Event Marketer

How Legacy West Retail Center is Delivering Instagrammable Moments Amid Social Distancing Orders


A floral installation on the property serves as a photo op and a meaningful message.

COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to the retail sector, and North Texas’ Legacy West is among the retail properties that has felt the impact. But when the state began its second phase of reopening in May, the mixed-use retail and residential center found a way to breathe life back into its property while adhering to social distancing orders. Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, Legacy West unveiled an Instagrammable floral installation, three parklets and an outdoor movie theater, all designed to infuse more experiential moments into the luxury retail property.

Throughout the pandemic, Legacy West’s messaging to customers and retailers has centered on the mantra “be kind, be safe.” To bring it to life, the property erected a 14-foot by 22-foot floral installation bearing that exact phrase. The installation serves as both a photo op and a meaningful statement.

“We knew people wanted something visual that they could cling onto, but we still wanted to respect social distancing,” says Rachel Chang, property marketing manager at Legacy West. “So we repurposed the space and it’s already been extremely well received. People are still really touched by the message that we’ve been putting out.”

digital_ideas_social-distancing_tbs_teaserMore Social Distancing Strategies:

The three pop-up parklets, which have increased social distancing room by using parallel parking spaces to expand the property’s sidewalk, have also been a hit. The upscale, 40-foot-long spaces were created to give consumers places to enjoy takeout items while keeping a safe distance. Each parklet, which will be open through the end of summer, has a theme: A Summer Night’s Garden, which sits adjacent to the floral wall, features the same color scheme and design as the installation; Tropical Paradise is located by the property’s fountains and features an island vibe while encouraging consumers to spread out; and A Day in the Park, which added space next to a gelato and coffee shop within Legacy West, is inspired by an upscale park environment. The spaces have become popular social media opportunities.

“Instead of just having a wooden plank with furniture on it, we thought, how can we elevate it?” says Chang. “How can we make it seem like it’s not just something temporary or thrown together, but something that really goes the extra step? Especially over the last couple of months that everybody’s lived through being indoors dealing with the outbreak, we wanted to provide these really beautiful, elevated spaces.”

Legacy West’s outdoor movie theater is another way to engage consumers safely. The property has several parking garages with extra-large roof spaces, one of which has been transformed into the theater. The property is using turf mats and outdoor rugs as socially distant space markers for attendees. Over Memorial Day Weekend, consumers were treated to a viewing of “Night at the Museum,” and the property plans to show more films throughout the summer.

“One of the things that we bring to property management is we’re really community-focused,” Chang says. “We do a lot of events, a lot of activations to engage the local community with our property. And so for us, this was a way to still do that while understanding the climate that we’re in.” Agencies: LOUDER Experiences (lead agency); Floral Bar TX (floral installation); Outdoor Movie Solutions (outdoor theater).

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