HBO Brings Out Infamous Florida Polling Booths To Promote Film

HBO Brings Out Infamous Florida Polling Booths

To drive viewership for its new film “Recount ” the behind-the-scenes story of the 2000 presidential election and the controversial Florida recount HBO on Tuesday staged live voting events in two major cities. Visitors to Union Square in New York City and shopping center The Grove in Los Angeles had a chance to jump into one of 12 actual Votomatic voting booths used in the 2000 election in Florida and punch out the butterfly ballot’s now infamous chads to see if their vote got counted or compromised by the paper-based system. (Ironically at the film’s New York premiere on May 13 three of the five machines brought to the event jammed.)

“It provides us with the ability to step out of the clutter of traditional advertising platforms and create an opportunity for consumer engagement on a deeper level ” Zach Enterlin vp-advertising and promotion at HBO told Buzz. “We all remember the idea of chads back from the 2000 election but we’re enabling consumers to literally touch and feel the chads and experience first-hand the flaws of the system in Florida. I think there’s tremendous value in that.”

Voters also received trading cards featuring the cast of “Recount ” which stars Kevin Spacey Tom Wilkinson and Laura Dern. Agency: Civic Entertainment Group New York City.


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