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The Power of Buzz

What it is what it ain’t who’s making it— and how you can get some? The Event Marketer special report on word-of-mouth marketing. It bubbles up around the watercooler. It whips from one end of the playground to the other at lightening speed. It gets dished over coffee gushed about among friends and spread like wildfire over the Internet. It of course is word of mouth—impassioned recommendations about everything from the SNL skit you had to see to the shampoo you have to try. It’s electric baby. A non-stop current of conversational currency connected now more than ever before by a vast network of people that can turn a perception in Pittsburgh into a hot product in Peoria in a matter of seconds. But it’s not just a phenomenon for the world wide web. Experiential marketing with its unique ability to turn brand engagements into stories worth telling to friends has never been a more powerful conduit for conversation. Today’s event programs that do oh-so-much more than just plug in for a one-time engagement ignite and sustain word-of-mouth advocacy that lasts long after the event often generating exponential returns at half the cost of more traditional marketing tactics. Bottom line—events get consumers charged up about your brand unlike anything else. You just gotta give ’em the juice.

Fresh from the trenches EM brings you the word on the street about word-of-mouth marketing—who sparks it where to find it and how to flip the switch of popular opinion without getting burned.

The WOM Phenom: inside the rise of the buzz movement
Profiles: influential event marketing case studies in action
Terms Glossary: a starter dictionary of WOM terms
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Buzz Metrics: measuring the impact of word of mouth

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