A Portable Light Box to Make Your Message Shine – Event Marketer

A Portable Light Box to Make Your Message Shine – Event Marketer

A Portable Light Box to Make Your Message Shine

Expand Introduces a Portable Light Box for Events

The Expand LightBox Portable is a sectional light box specifically engineered for the event and trade show industries. No tools are needed so I&D is easy and fast.

Click the three-foot segments together, connect the pre-mounted LED lights, place the pillowcase fabric graphic over the frame and connect to a power adaptor.

Great light distribution with LED

The custom engineered LED lights have a unique reflector and a laser cut lens specifically designed for this profile, eliminating hotspots. The LED strips are pre-mounted in the profiles for protection and the solid connectors are made for professional use in any event environment.

The LEDs are rated to last 60,000 hours—which is the equivalent of 16 years if you use them 10 hours per day.

Pillowcase graphic

Expand has developed a pillowcase graphic solution that allows you to easily zip the graphic tight over the outside of the profiles. Instead of pushing silicone strips into tiny cracks around all edges, our pillowcase graphic combined with profile sectionals will prove to be an elegant and economical time saver at all events.

Choose between a single or a double-sided print. If you choose to only print on one side, a light reflecting fabric is sewn on the back.

Use as a single backlit wall, or incorporate into your existing booth

The Expand LightBox Portable can work both as a free-standing backlit wall, or as a part of a bigger solution. You can choose to integrate it with a booth or mount it with Expand GrandFabric modules in any configuration. It’s also possible to connect multiple light box frames together. All you need to create an entire booth are more light boxes.

It is also available in European or Asian standards and can be delivered from any of Expand’s facilities or dealers around the world.

Easy to transport

The Expand LightBox Portable is delivered in a black nylon bag. Additionally, it can fit into our smart two-in-one solution – the Expand PodiumCase which can easily be transported in your car. On location, the Expand PodiumCase can be turned into a counter that integrates perfectly with your illuminated back wall.

Expand International has been in the event and trade show business for over 70 years and we manufacture all our products in our ISO certified factory. Recently, Expand has installed all new 10-foot-wide state of the art HD dye sublimation equipment to meet the growing demand of the industry and to support the roll-out of the Expand LightBox Portable and other new products.

For more information please contact your local Expand office, or the US head office at 800 758-3020.

—David Nanamamker, national sales manager

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