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Not A Dunk Tank: The Power of Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences are the heart of our business.

No, we’re not talking about dunk tanks … although, come to think of it, the old carnival favorite probably qualifies.

The immersive experiences we’re talking about persuade your event guests to stop for a moment and enter a “rarified world” where anything is possible. It’s a step into the unexpected — a place where the real becomes surreal and the mundane gives way to the unique and unforgettable.

Experiential marketing has a lot in common with great theater that way. (We should know; Group Delphi got its start in theater production almost 30 years ago.)

Think of the most exciting moments you’ve spent in a theater … the way you were transported out of your seat and swept up into new adventures and emotions. The best brand experiences channel that same phenomenon. A consumer is often impatient and skeptical, but an audience is attentive, inquisitive, and receptive.


Immersive Experiences Beget Connection

Remember that experiential marketing facilitates something far more exciting than an ad or social post can offer: genuine, face-to-face connection. But simply being in the same room with your customers isn’t enough. Lasting connection requires something more: pulling them out of the everyday and into a remarkable, immersive experience.

How do you turn your activations into immersive experiences? The answer is different for every brand, because the rarified world you create must tell your brand’s unique story. But the advice of Tony Erpelding, Group Delphi’s Chief Creative Officer, applies to all experiential marketers as a starting point:

“Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Define what their journey is. Think about every touch point. Remember that the whole point is to leave your visitors feeling transformed.”

Or soaking wet, if you go the dunk tank route.


Next Steps

Ready to begin crafting immersive experiences that forge lasting connection with your brand? Let’s chat. We’ve been building unforgettable moments for the world’s best brands for nearly 30 years. Imagine what we can build together.


GroupDelphi-Celauro-PeterAbout the Author
Peter Celauro, brand journalist, Group Delphi
Peter writes about trade show and event marketing as Brand Journalist at Group Delphi, the experience creation shop.

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