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Nerf creates new sport for fan fun

Can’t find a sport that matches your corporate image? Hasbro’s Nerf unit solved the dilemma by creating one of its own: Nerf Dart Tag. To give it an extra dose of legitimacy (think Frisbee Golf) it also created an official governing body the Nerf Dart Tag League (NDTL). The new sport set off on tour this summer holding competitions in 15 markets including five in conjunction with the AST Dew tour (Vivid Marketing Atlanta handles).

The championship took place Oct. 15 to 18 in Orlando where winning teams of four in several age groups vied for a $25 000 prize.

All of the equipment required for play is naturally part of the Nerf Dart Tag product line from the single shot to the semi-automatic dart blaster and target vests (a starter kit includes a pair of vests blasters and protective eye goggles). The game is played in a custom-designed inflatable “Battle Zone” and the goal is to hit Velcro targets on the opposing team members’ vests with a Nerf dart blaster loaded with Velcro darts. (Editor’s Note: Hey Hasbro the EM team is ready to play. Give us a call!)

To tie the whole league together and facilitate contact between Hasbro’s NDTL and its eager consumers (mostly boys 8 to 12 years old) the brand put up a microsite at where players and prospective challengers can get info on where to find upcoming games register for the league and buy products of course.

Hasbro created the proprietary tour to drive sales but as the program evolves it may also enjoy the perks of self-sufficiency potentially using tournament entry fees to offset program hard costs and opening events to additional sponsorship revenue and partners (for instance the AST Dew Tour). What brand wouldn’t love a program that pays for itself?

“The program gives people a platform to learn about dart tag as a sport and we hope encourage them to start local leagues ” says Kelly Stone senior marketing manager at Nerf. “Our hope is to get kids to experience the products and feel like they are part of what’s going on so they will sign up for the NDTL newsletter and of course buy the equipment.”   em

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