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EM@MLB FanFest, Part II: Under Armour, Chevy and More

There’s no better way to win the hearts of wannabe professional baseball players than to create the experience of the best kind of field action there is— pitching, stealing bases and catching fly balls. At this year’s MLB FanFest, Under Armour offered just that, and the opportunity to share all the fun with friends.

Consumers registered through Facebook, Twitter or email from one of five laptops set up outside the small baseball diamond-sized footprint. In exchange, they received a branded bracelet embedded with an RFID chip, which was used to check-in to photo-share experiences. To warm up, participants practiced pitching to a cutout of Buster Posey, catcher for the San Francisco Giants. They moved on to practice stealing bases, racing against a timed clock as their picture was taken. The final experience gave consumers the opportunity to leap into the air to catch a fly ball and then land on a cushioned surface below—with their picture taken midair. When the images appeared on social media, they featured custom verbiage. For example, instead of “John Doe ‘Likes’ this,” a Facebook post would read, “John Doe snagged a fly ball” along with FanFest and Under Armour messaging.

Check out Chevrolet’s FanFest activation here, and stay tuned as we bring you more highlights online and a full report in our August issue. Agency: Thuzi, Tampa, FL (social media integration).

Rachel Boucher
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