Mountain Dew’s Kickstart Summons Early-Birds – Event Marketer

Mountain Dew’s Kickstart Summons Early-Birds – Event Marketer

Mountain Dew’s Kickstart Summons Early-Birds

Mountain Dew on Feb. 25 launched a 20-week mobile tour to promote its new product Kickstart, a sparkling, fruity, caffeinated beverage it hopes will become the go-to morning liquid refreshment of choice among younger male consumers looking to “kick” their day off right.

The tour consists of a fleet of seven custom Isuzu NPR box trucks making stops at more than 1,500 key events, venues and retail locations across the country. The tour vehicles are wrapped in bright branding and feature inflatable product displays on top as well as large HDTV screens mounted on the side of the vehicles showing action sports footage, product promos, episodes of ESPN’s “Mike & Mike in the Morning” and “SportsCenter,” and college basketball. Below the screens are built-in speakers that bump music at each spot and below the speakers are rows of built-in coolers filled with full-sized cans of the product. The goal is to hand out more than two million samples.

The first leg of the tour is focusing on college market hotspots including, most recently, spring break in Panama City Beach, FL. As it rolls into summer, the tour will make stops at professional sporting events, concerts and festivals. Each vehicle team is focusing on a region of the U.S. including the California and Mountain regions, the Great Lakes, the Midwest, the South, the Southeast, the Mid-Atlantic region and the Northeast.

“Not only is the box truck really mobile and flexible for all the different sorts of events we are doing for this tour, but it also supports the experience of bringing a Kickstart-your-day morning to life by allowing us to create nice loud, active and engaging footprints regardless of where we are,” George Cox, marketing manager-Mountain Dew Kickstart at PepsiCo, told Buzz. “We’ve got all of the imagery of different relevant moments or occasions for a millennial guy and then we have these great coolers that you can actually reach into and grab the cans—kind of your on-the-go energizing moment, almost like a visit to a convenience store for one of these guys we want to connect with on the road.”

In addition to sampling, brand ambassadors are promoting the Instagram campaign Dawn Patrol Report, where consumers are encouraged to upload their “Kickstart moments” to the site using the hashtags #kickstartyourday and #dawnpatrol. Agency: Motive, Denver. Build: EPS-Doublet, Denver. 


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