Macy’s Offers Exclusive Content for Thanksgiving Parade - Event Marketer

Macy’s Offers Exclusive Content for Thanksgiving Parade – Event Marketer
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Characters

Macy’s Offers Exclusive Content for Thanksgiving Parade

Macy’s department store offered fans of the New York City’s iconic parade unique content downloads via Bluetooth and wi-fi to deepen the experience and build excitement around the big event.

The interactives began the day before Thanksgiving when more than one million spectators gathered to see the giant balloons come to life. When spectators entered the inflation area at 79th Street and Columbus Avenue Macy’s invited them to download fun facts and behind-the-scenes info about the giant balloons. To receive the unique content users could enable their mobile devices to receive messages comprised of parade content only available at the Macy’s Parade Inflation and downtown at the Macy’s Santaland attraction. Those that did so received the message “Do you want to receive a free download from Macy’s Inflation [or Santaland]?” Once the consumer opted in the free download immediately began.

“Every year we look for new and exciting ways to engage people with the parade and with the Macy’s brand ” Amy Kule group vp-national events and partnership marketing at Macy’s told Buzz. “We provided this content not as a marketing tool but just to add a bit more fun for the people at the parade events and as just one more thing to offer our customers.” Technology: Ace Marketing & Promotions Inc. New York City.

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