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JetBlue Airways Offers a Jet-setting Substitute

JetBlue Airways has created a line of faux products called the Flyers Collection to help make competing airlines feel more “jet-y” and is displaying its (admittedly fake) wares in a new pop-up storefront on 9th Avenue in New York City. The line was launched on the airline’s Facebook page at

The “products” on display in the store and online include the Yumbro the friendly robotic seat buddy who says nice things and dispenses the free snacks that passengers would have gotten had they been on a JetBlue flight. Then there’s the Knee Jockey a self-contorting device that simulates the kind of legroom a JetBlue passenger would have enjoyed. It is designed to lift and tuck a passenger’s knees to his or her chest giving flyers’ legs the extra centimeter of freedom they deserve. Our favorite? The Marshpillow a huge marshmallow cushion coated in melatonin powder that solves common flying problems like hunger cramping and jetlag. JetBlue warns however that consuming 100 percent of the Marshpillow defeats 50 percent of its purpose.

“The key goal of this store and promotion is a demonstration of our platform—that JetBlue does things differently than other airlines ” Fiona Morrisson director of brand at JetBlue Airways told Buzz. “We’ve been looking for ways to demonstrate that difference and this is it.” Agency: JWT New York City.

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