Social Media Top Tip: Facebook Apps - Event Marketer

Social Media Top Tip: Facebook Apps – Event Marketer

Social Media Top Tip: Facebook Apps

In this monthly series, EM brings you tips and tricks from pros and experts who’ve been eating social media marketing for breakfast. So eat up, and check us out on Twitter @eventmarketer and for more.

Facebook is still the hottest ticket in social media, despite the recent IPO troubles, and especially for consumers. But once you’ve built a fan base, leveraging them to reap dividends in terms of ROI and, even more so, revenue, is a tricky business. One of the most reliable methods involves creating and leveraging internal Facebook apps. The API is available for any code-wise programmer to use, but there are some tricky bits to get in line.

To help you see why and how to leverage one of Facebook’s most powerful tools, EM this month brings you insights into some of what you need to know to get started, and be successful, thanks to Matt Handy of Boston-based Brand Networks. He leads the social-local-mobile practice and Social PIX team for the developer agency, which is a leading Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer. He’s got the experience and the chops to give us the intel you need thanks to years of social marketing experience, both with Social PIX and before that, with PUMA. He can be found online on Facebook at and on Twitter @Mhandy13.

So download the PDF and read on, as we fill you in on the power of the native Facebook App.

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